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Effectiveness of a multifaceted podiatry intervention to prevent falls in community dwelling older people with disabling foot pain: randomised controlled trial

Spink, M.J, Menz, H.B, Fotoohabadi MR, Wee, E., Landorf, KB Hill, K.D. & Lord, S.R. (2010)

Formthotics are shown to be a valuable component in a multifaceted falls prevention programme for older adults.

Being a multifaceted randomised control trial, where the sample group received a number of interventions, including Formthotics, it is difficult to ascertain the specific benefit of any one singular intervention in isolation. Overall there was a reduction in falls in the sample group when compared to the control group. It is likely that Formthotics contributed to the outcome by improving foot stability and plantar sensory feedback as well as indirectly reducing plantar pressure and foot pain, both of which are risk factors for falls.