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Kiruma Hiruma (Teikyo-University), Kayo Babano (Osaka International University). Effects of in-shoe thermoformed orthotic devices on static and dynamic balance.

This study shows that Formthotics create significant improvements in both static and dynamic postural stability and most surprising, it also showed that after 6 weeks of using Formthotics the subjects' balance was improved even if they were not standing on the orthotics.    

Previously it has often been the opinion that foot orthoses have purely mechanical effects on the posture of the foot and leg and that this mechanical mode of action could have adverse effects on muscle strength and neuromotor function. This study indicates that Formthotics act by improving neuromotor function and are therefore can be considered an appropriate and effective modality in both the rehabilitation of ankle sprains and other lower extremity injuries; as well as potential for improving postural stability in the elderly and other at risk groups.