Formthotics™ help treat pain, improving comfort and performance 

Invented by a Sports Medicine practitioner in the 1970s, Formthotics™ are a unique design, made from unique materials and customisable to meet the needs of your unique feet.

Formthotics are designed and manufactured in New Zealand and sold worldwide in over 30 countries.

Pain relief

Pain is the way our body tells us that something is not right and attention is required. Formthotics™ Custom Medical Orthotics are used by medical professionals to help treat pain and improve comfort and support.

Fix your pain

Fix your pain

Have you got pain in the lower back, hips, legs, ankles or feet? Formthotics could help allievate your pain, treat your injury and keep you moving. 

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Medical Professionals

Medical professionals

For medical professionals only. Find resources, research, case studies and product information about Formthotics™ Custom Medical Orthotics.

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Comfort & performance

Wanting to enhance your sporting performance? Searching for extra comfort and support in your shoes? Formthotics™ Sport, Everyday and Youth ranges could be the answer to getting the most out of your shoes for maximum enjoyment during your activities.