Business / Dress Shoes

Business / Dress Shoes

Get the step ahead in foot comfort

  • Be chic inside and out with the concealing black colour
  • Designed to improve the fit all dress shoes, even narrow, close fitting shoes
  • Reduce pain and discomfort, last longer on your feet
  • Support your feet naturally

The range caters to all types of business and fashion shoes, with many that are difficult to fit insoles inside. Dress Formthotics™ offer good looking, slim products that provide a custom fit with more comfort, stability and control particularly in great looking shoes that lack structure and support.

Many jobs, such as restaurant staff, doctors, nurses and airline crew require you to wear dress shoes, which at the end of an 8 hour shift, are particularly uncomfortable, tiring your body from the feet up.
Formthotics™ position your feet in a natural posture that will reduce impact on muscles, joints and tendons.

Look good and feel great, inside and out – all day long.

Mechanical efficiency

The heel and medial arch is well supported, pressure distribution is spread evenly over the plantar surface of the foot, The foot is stable providing a good platform for comfortable, efficient walking.

The foot is excessively pronating (rolling inwards) within the shoe, and the lower limb and the knee internally rotate. As the foot excessively pronates the medial, big toe column sustains significant pressure causing a functional jamming of the great toe joint, reducing comfort and function.

Need help to treat pain?

Formthotics can help with pain in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. It is important that you are assessed by a medical professional who can help get you working comfortably all day long.

Formthotics are often part of a treatment plan which can include expert customisation of your Formthotics, strengthening exercises and a change in lifestyle habbits. These changes will help you get better, sooner, manage continued exercise while injured and improve your technique to help prevent further injury in the future.

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Fashion are full length, with a tapered toe shape to fit into similar shaped business shoes or boots.