Healthy feet when you’re on the move

  • Be revitalised during your day off and see more sights
  • Improve fit and comfort of your shoes
  • Connect with the ground and feel confident in any terrain
  • Support your feet naturally

When you are travelling and on the move, there is often a lot of walking involved. If you don’t have the right support for your feet, then you tire from the feet up very quickly. You miss seeing all the sights and getting the most out of your day.

Formthotics™ position your feet in a natural posture, reducing impact on muscles, joints and tendons - particularly on hard, concrete surfaces that our feet are not adapted well too. This is particularly important in casual sneakers that lack support and structure.

Keep your feet comfortable while you explore new places or your favourite spot and let the world around revitalise you rather than spending time thinking about your tired feet.

Mechanical efficiency

The heel and medial arch are well supported, pressure distribution is spread evenly over the entire surface of the foot and the big toe is free to form a strong propulsive lever for effective forward progression. The heel is efficiently cupped ensuring consistent support around all its borders. The foot is able to function optimally as designed, maximising comfort and reducing the risk of injury.

The foot is excessively pronating (rolling inwards) within the shoe, with the lower limb and the knee malaligned during gait. As the foot excessively pronates, the medial column (big toe side of the foot) sustains significant pressure causing a functional jamming of the big toe joint lever, impeding forward power, increasing the risk of overuse injury and reducing comfort.

Need help to treat pain?

Formthotics can help with pain in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. It is important that you are assessed by a medical professional who can help get you moving comfortably all day long.

Formthotics are often part of a treatment plan which can include expert customisation of your Formthotics, strengthening exercises and a change in lifestyle habbits. These changes will help you get better, sooner, manage continued exercise while injured and improve your technique to help prevent further injury in the future.

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Casual Dual

Green blue Casual Dual Everyday 1

Casual Dual has a slim, low profile shape with cushioning and support for casual everyday shoes.