You’ll thank Formthotics™ 18 holes from now

  • Stay comfortable for all 18 holes, in all conditions
  • Improved comfort, better balance, increased performance
  • Reduced muscle and foot fatigue
  • Enjoy your game more
  • Get the most out of your shoes
  • Support your feet naturally

If you’re comfortable, maintain correct stance and feel good then you’ll play better and enjoy your game more.

Golf Formthotics™ improve the fit of your shoes, ensuring balance is better, stance is more stable and the power developed in your legs will flow smoothly and accurately through to the head of your club. With means better control, better movement, more accuracy – and an easy way to improve your handicap!

Golf Formthotics™ provide long term comfort and reduce fatigue by supporting the whole foot and redistributing weight and pressure evenly over a much greater area. This cuts down tiredness in your feet and lower limbs, especially on the back nine.

You’ll find you can enjoy your game more, with longer periods of playing better. You should notice an improvement in control and power, alongside a reduction of muscle fatigue. The added comfort helps you focus your effort on the game rather than just getting around the course and towards the end of the round, this is reflected in better accuracy.

A physiotherapist and golf player believes Formthotics can help particularly when feet are pronating (rolling inwards). He says "if you have a pronated foot on your right foot I think it will influence your backswing if the foot doesn't supinate well enough. This might lead to overuse of different structures around the pelvis, lower back, shoulders and neck".

Mechanical efficiency

Foot, limb, knee are well aligned, supported and centred over the swing of the club, improving feedback throughout the most important part of the game. During the walk between holes the foot is stable and able to functional optimally as an efficient shock absorber as well as a powerful lever for forward progression.

The foot is unsupported and unstable within the shoe reducing sensory feedback throughout the swing. During gait the foot is excessively pronating (rolling inwards) resulting in overload of the functional structures and reducing effective forward progression, increasing the risk of overuse of joints and soft tissues.

Need help to treat pain?

Formthotics can help with pain in the feet, knee, hip and lower back. It is important that you are assessed by a medical professional who can help get you walking comfortably with good stability.

Formthotics are often part of a treatment plan which also includes expert customisation of your Formthotics, strengthening exercises and a change in lifestyle habbits. These changes will help you get better sooner, manage continued exercise while injured and improve your technique to help prevent further injury in the future.

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