A great solution for dancers' feet - orthotics for street shoes

30 January 2018 - posted by Formthotics HQ


Lisa Howell (B.PHty) , Physiotherapist for dancers, at Perfect Form Physio in Surry Hills, Australia has been singing praises of Formthotics for years. She believes "they are ideal for gentle support for dancers feet after long days working in bare feet or flat shoes."

Lisa has been working with dance athletes for many years and likes suggesting the use of soft Formthotics when they are off the dance floor in their regular shoes. "They are good for dancers/students with high mobile arches to give proprioceptive feedback and gentle support of the arch."

"When we are jumping and dancing all the time in flat ballet slippers, these insoles can give the small muscles of the foot and the plantar fascia a rest when you get back into your school shoes or runners after dancing. This can help take the load off the plantar fascia, reducing the occurrence of pain in this area."

Lisa Howell has created a video that compares harder custom orthotics to Formthotics foot orthotics and explains the difference that is offered between these two medical devices and how it can continue to support feet while off the dance floor and keep injury-free on the dance floor.

Lisa additionally recommends Formthotics as a step of treatment to her patients who have Plantar Faciitis. "Providing some support to the fascia is essential in allowing the inflammation to settle while you build up the strength to control the foot yourself. I use a combination of a soft, heat mouldable orthotic in school/running shoes and taping for class work."

For more details on Lisa Howell, see her online blog for dancers and the Advanced Foot Control Program