Foot Science International looks close to home to stand out across international markets

23 November 2015 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Foot Science International (FSI), the company that introduced Formthotics™ to the world, have featured as a business case study for New Zealand Story. New Zealand Story provides businesses with tools and resources to help communicate their unique attributes and value to international markets.

David Boyd, founder and director of FSI, says it’s been vital to tell a compelling story about the company and to spend time figuring out what makes our story stand out from others.

FSI, who design and manufacture products to help treat those suffering lower back and limb pain, to prevent injuries and falls and to provide greater comfort and performance, have products sold in over 35 countries – with an ever-expanding global community.

Determined to be the most respected and recognised company worldwide in the health and well-being of feet, utilising local resources has been innovative, supportive and worthwhile.

In David’s words 

‘The New Zealand Story is a very important part of us being able to differentiate ourselves. The New Zealand Story framework gives us a great starting point for how we talk about being from New Zealand. From there we add information specific to our business and make the story our own.’

‘In every market around the world, there are thousands of choices for a clinician. Therefore, the quality of how we tell our story is becoming more and more important. We have to really lift our game. For example, imagery has to be professional and most importantly it’s got to link back to our story and what’s relevant to our customers.’

‘We know that when most of our customers think of New Zealand they think of our beautiful open spaces and we’ve got to play on that. But we also know that for our distributors the reason that we’re in their top tier of suppliers is because of the people in our team. So we’ve got to make sure we’re also talking about what it means to come from New Zealand and our reputation for being open, accessible, down to earth and good to work with.’

Image at top of page | Room To Breath. Photo credit: Tourism New Zealand