Formthotics amaze keen cyclist

15 June 2015 - posted by Formthotics HQ

30+ years cycling

‘I love to ride my mountain bike. It’s that simple,’ says Ian Craven, an avid cyclist from New Zealand. Ian has been riding a mountain bike since he received a new Jamis Dakar as a gift in 1985.

He has ridden both full suspension bikes and geared bikes, but these days loves his superlight and fast single-speed. ‘I ride with my daughter and with our friends. We ride the local Dunedin trails and also at Naseby about 10 times a year. Recently we rode the trails in the Craigieburn Valley ski area of Arthurs Pass. It is wonderful riding high up in the alpine setting.’

Formthotics for mountain biking:

  • Astonishing results
    ‘In single-speed mountain biking there are three gears. Sitting, standing and walking. Your feet and legs get a lot of work. I have fantastic shoes but even with them my knees used to get sore. I tried a number of insoles but none helped enough and most broke down quickly. I heard about Formthotics from my physiotherapist. I fitted them easily in my bike shoes and the result was astonishing.’
  • Connection to the bike with the whole foot
    ‘I feel I have much better balance and agility because I am connected to my bike with my whole foot.’
  • No knee soreness or leg tiredness even during endurance events
    ‘Importantly I have had no knee soreness or leg tiredness even in the biggest events. The miracle isn’t that I managed to ride for the whole 12 hours and cover 156 km (4th in the Naseby 12Hr Single Speed Category). The miracle is that my knees and ankles were fine during the event and after. I certainly did a lot of training and made sure the bike was well set up, but I am 58, and have knocked at least one of my one knees around badly over the years. The Formthotics were amazing. Truly amazing.’
  • Durable
    ‘There is no sign of wear or compression in the Formthotics and I have covered many kilometres of not just riding – but walking, climbing, in mud, through rivers and at times track building in my shoes.’
  • Recommendation
    ‘I wish I had got onto Formthotics earlier. I have bought a pair for my daughter and she has immediately noticed that her inner knees do not hurt after big rides. A great product.’

Goal setting

Each year Ian sets himself challenges. 

‘Last year I rode the Otago Mountain Bike Champs where I got third in the single-speed event, and in November I was 10th out of 90 rides in the New Zealand Single-Speed Champs. There are no age sections!’

‘I am much better at longer events so I’ve set my goal of completing the 3000km Tour Aotearoa next year.’