Formthotics™ helping high performance athlete Will Bowman

31 October 2011 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Will Bowman is a road and track cyclist riding for both the New Zealand U23 track team as well as the domestic Benchmark Homes cycling team.

Last year he raced in the Junior World Track Cycling Champs in Italy with the NZ junior team.Going into the champs with a strong team and they were unlucky to just miss out on a medal, riding to a 4th in the Teams Pursuit.

Shortly after this back in NZ, Will had a crash at a local race and fractured his Tibial Plateau.

“It was a pretty serious injury and I am only just starting to come back from it now. The injury meant that all of my muscle that supported my knee was wasted away, so I had a lot of knee pain from my Patella not tracking properly and other problems which stemmed from this,” Will comments.

“Not far into my rehab I was fitted with Formthotics in both my gym shoes and cycling shoes which made a huge difference in my training and rehab.

“They helped with the track of my knee by lifting my arch which meant I could train a lot harder and for longer on the bike and in the gym. Which obviously is just what I needed to be able to build the muscle back up in my leg as quickly as possible!”

Even without having a serious injury Will can clearly see how Formthotics would be a hugely advantageous training tool for any athlete wanting to improve in their sport.

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