Formthotics work with Chinese Olympic athletes

25 January 2010 - posted by Robert A. Donatelli

I was asked by Doctor Lillian Chen, (who practices in Los Angeles California and worked as the chief therapist at the Beijing Olympics), to bring a team to China to work with at the Chinese Olympic Training Center in Beijing China. Our major focus has been the rehabilitation of the injured Olympic athletes. Many of their problems, similar to all athletes in any part of the whole, is overuse injuries.

Formthotics™ have been a very important part of my treatment approach. Several benefits Formthotics™ bring to the athlete are their light weight, shock absorbing capabilities and improvement in balance. Jason Chia demonstrated in a comparative trial of the foot pressure patterns that Formthotics™ had a significant effect on reducing compressive force in the area of bone spurs, reducing the pain of plantar fasciitis. Eisuke Hiruma (Teikyo-Uinversity) and Kayo Babano (Osaka International University) demonstrated that after putting Formthotics™ in the shoe there was a significant improvement in balance.

We have observed in China the Olympic athletes have demonstrated a significant reduction in pain allowing them to perform their sporting activities with better balance and overall improved performance. This has been an invaluable tool in our approach to treat existing injuries and helps in the prevention of overuse micro trauma to the soft tissue structures.

In addition to my work in China I have travelled to Ireland, Iceland, Italy and Romania lecturing and treating high level athletes that include such sports as gymnastics, track and field, boxing, and soccer. I have included the evidence based studies on the use of Formthotics™ in my lectures. In addition I have used Formthotics™  in the treatment of overuse injuries to the lower kinetic chain with excellent results.

I firmly believe that the treatment of the Lower Kinetic Chain is incomplete without the use of foot orthotics and Formthotics™ gives me a strong evidence based product.

Many highly experienced sports people wear Formthotics, read their testimonials and see how they feel about the Formthotics™ athletic insoles.

Written by Dr. Robert Donatelli

  • Highly acclaimed and respected physical therapist, and a specialist in sports performance and rehabilitation, Dr. Donatelli is the founder of, and is with Physiotherapy Associates based in Las Vegas, USA. He is also a researcher, consultant, author, and speaker who lectures worldwide.