High praise for Formthotics designed for cyclists

29 July 2014 - posted by Formthotics HQ

If you’re a cyclist, of any level, take a brake and read below.

During 2013 Foot Science International ran a research project to redevelop their Cycle Formthotics. These orthotics are designed specifically for cyclists and cycle shoes, designed to improve fit and the body’s alignment, keep pedalling feet comfortable - ultimately improving performance.

Developed with the help of podiatrists, tested by a variety of cyclists, in a wide variety of cycle shoes, Cycle Formthotics were revamped.

It takes plenty of experimenting and a variety of expertise to bring together a new, quality product – and to make a product great, it involves gathering real feedback from real customers.

We invited over 60 cyclists to participate in the research project including competitive professionals, daily commuters, road cyclists, mountain bikers, track cyclists and triathletes. We gathered feedback, tracking progress after being fitted with the Cycle Formthotics.

Here is what they said:

  • “A recent hill climbing time trial required a huge effort with both out-of-the-saddle and seated positions. I took 18 seconds off my previous personal best and felt really solid in my pedals, especially when standing and pushing big gears. My efficiency on the bike has definitely improved.” – Denis Hely, competitive cyclist
  • “My shoes felt more comfortable with the cushioning of Formthotics. They are thinner but I like them more. (There is) less squashing in the shoe and (it) doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything – just feels like an inner sole. Once I started using Formthotics I stopped getting cramp and the pressure is much less on the push motion.” – Keryn Thompson, RPM instructor
  • “(It’s) good to be free from pressure points, but most importantly (it’s) good to be able to fit them in my cycle shoes without having to trim them. Power and comfort in one.” – Steve Gurney, passionate adventurer, multisport racer, extreme sports person and motivational speaker
  • “They felt comfortable in (my) shoe straight away. I felt more support in the arch of my foot. Strangely, this gave me the feeling of increased transfer of power from my legs to the bike. The density allows greater feeling for what your foot is doing in the shoe. On every ride I now feel more efficient in my pedal stroke.” – Jamie Sutherland, New Zealand age group triathlete
  • “There was less movement of my feet in the show and the pain I had been experiencing under the ball of (my) feet was gone. I was getting very sore balls of my feet and constantly ‘arching’ my feet up to relieve it – which caused other issues.” – Lyndsay Gough, New Zealand representative 60 – 65 age group triathlete
  • “I think all triathletes and cyclists should look into them if they need support in their feet.” – Kirsty Calman, New Zealand age group triathlete
  • “They had more arch support and made for a neater shoe fit. It felt like your leg was straighter from the arch support pushing upwards, keeping your knees apart.” – Malcolm Engler, recreational cyclist
  • “The density is perfect, the slightly soft layer on the top makes them feel great under your foot. They were great on all types of rides: road and mountain biking.” – Brandon Moore, competitive cyclist
  • “(On) longer rides I used to hit the top tube with my knees when tiring, but the high arch redirected my alignment and kept my lower legs straights.” – Bruce Toughey, competitive mountain biker and road cyclist
  • “They felt comfortable pretty much straight away. Compact without sacrificing comfort. Better in my shoes than the originals.” – Vaughan Hunt, New Zealand age group triathlete
  • “The Formthotics fit my cycle shoes perfect, no issues. (On) long rides in the hills I seem to notice the alignment in my cycle stroke. It is comfort to know that good alignment means limited injury.” – Jake Vargo, competitive triathlete
  • “A definite improvement to the shape than the previous version of Cycle Formthotics – slotted straight into my shoes without the need for cutting and modifying” – Daniel Barry, New Zealand professional cyclist
  • “They felt very different because for the first time my ankles, knees and hips are in line. I had less hamstring, gluteal and ITB pain, and much less hip, black, shoulder and neck pain. All areas of riding (are) improved – distance, hill, climbing, sprinting. (Being fitted with) Formthotics (have) not only restored the enjoyment of cycling again for me but has greatly improved my quality of life and wellbeing.” – Phillip Keegan, recreational mountain biker
  • “The raised arch was great for keeping my foot stable and allowing my knee to track better during rides. The Formthotics were comfortable which was down to the foam density. Just the right amount made it comfortable for the long days on the bike – my foot felt snug and stable.” – Ross Smith, cyclist

Result of research project:

  • Cycle Formthotics range launched early 2014 for specialist sports stores and bike fitters.
  • An exclusive model for medical professionals launched early 2014, designed as a more high performance model that is easily customised following a biomechanical assessment.
  • And there’s more research to come… stay tuned.