How can I clean Formthotics orthotics?

23 February 2011 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Many of our patients have questions about cleaning orthotics. This is more often asked when orthotics are used for very active sports such as hikingcyclingrunning or snowboarding. Formthotics™ are made of waterproof foam and are treated with an antimicrobial formula to further prevent absorption of foot odor and staining. Your Formthotics™ orthotics will stay clean and fresh for longer than most, but you’ll still want to clean them occasionally.

Because the foam technology of Formthotics™ is unique, most people are unsure of the best way to clean them. Many of our patients are worried they will damage their Formthotics™ by exposing them to water, while others want to know if it’s all right to throw them in the washing machine.

While water won’t hurt your Formthotics™, they are made from heat-mouldable foam so you don’t want to toss them into a hot washing machine with the rest of your laundry. But don’t worry, cleaning orthotics isn’t difficult; you just need to know the right techniques. Use these methods to safely clean your Formthotics™:

Removing odor

To remove odor from your custom orthotics, remove the Formthotics™ from your shoe and sprinkle baking soda over the top surface of the orthotics. Set aside and wait for 8 to 12 hours, while the baking soda absorbs the odor.

To remove the baking soda, tap off the excess into the garbage and then use the brush attachment on your vacuum to suck away the remaining powder. Your orthotics should smell fine.

Removing stains

cleaning insolesIf your orthotics are stained or dirty, you’ll need to clean them with soap and water. To do this without causing any damage, simply rinse them in cold or lukewarm water, rub the surface (the part that touches your foot) with a little bit of mild detergent or hand soap, and rinse off.

Remember to use cold or lukewarm water when you wash your Formthotics™: the foam is sensitive to heat and you could accidentally change the shape of your orthotics by running them under hot water.

Once the soap has been completely rinsed off, lay them flat on a towel for a few hours, or overnight, to dry. Do not attempt to dry them in the clothes dryer or with a hair dryer.

Preventing odor and stains

To keep your orthotics fresh as long as possible, remove them from your shoes every time you take your shoes off. Allowing the orthotics to air out will prevent odor from settling in.

Your Formthotics™ won’t require constant cleaning, but it’s important to take care not to damage them when you do. With proper care, your Formthotics™ should stay in good condition for at least twelve months.