How long do running shoes last?

1 August 2011 - posted by Formthotics HQ

How long do running shoes last?Many people wonder how long their running shoes will last and when to get new running shoes. We have put together a few points to help you see if you need to replace your running shoes.

  • Are you getting sore feet?
  • Are you feeling sharp stones and the surface beneath your feet?
  • Are you getting sore knees or joints?
  • It could be time for some new shoes.

Here are 3 simple tests from Rebecca Gifford Podiatrist to assess your shoes.

1. The twist test

Hold the shoe at either end and twist in opposite directions. If the shoe is soft and easy to twist it’s probably not giving you the support you need.

2. The press test

Turn the shoe upside down and press firmly on the forefoot area. If it is soft and moves easily it’s probably not absorbing shock or protecting your feet.

3. The distortion test

Rest the shoe on a flat surface. If the back of the shoe obviously leans inwards or outwards it is distorted. This will be effecting the alignment of your legs and joints.

If your shoes have any or all of the above, they have probably done their dash!

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