Little feet rocketing with Formthotics™ on the football field

30 October 2013 - posted by Formthotics HQ

The Papanui Redwood 8th Grade Rockets in Christchurch, New Zealand, have been fitted out with Formthotics™ this season – and without a doubt they have scored, becoming the 8th grade club winners’ this September!

Since adding Formthotics to their football boots the kids have found extra support in their balance and performance stability, with their boots being more comfortable to run around in.

At prize giving we caught some feedback from the budding football stars and their parents, here’s what they had to say about Formthotics:

  • ‘We were surprised that there is a product we can put in our children’s boots to protect and encourage the natural function of their feet’, Tracey (parent)
  • ‘My boots are more comfortable and they help me with my balance’, Josh, 7 years old
  • ‘We will continue to use Formthotics for our family. We have other family members looking at buying some’, John (parent)
  • ‘The kids feet aren’t as sore after games’, Rodney (parent)
  • ‘I wouldn’t play without them. I like how they feel and never take them out of my boots’, Samantha, 8 years old (Samantha also wears Formthotics in her school shoes)