Running injury free and a little more ambitious (and see what he wears!) – physiotherapist Jeremy Duggan tells how

15 July 2015 - posted by Formthotics HQ

An active life no longer in pain

Stress fractures, shin splints, knee pain and hamstring strains. All injuries I have encountered in the past, but not the present. As an amateur athlete growing up through the 'olden days' (circa 1990s), there were copious amounts of stress put on my joints as I worked my way up the fitness ladder – from a child playing rounder’s to a 20-something year old in the division hockey finals.

These days, I like to keep my sport to the pavement and enjoy a long run, followed by a cycle, and maybe finish off with another run.

Jeremy Duggan – runner | physiotherapist | Formthotics wearer

Understanding orthotics

As a physiotherapist, I recognise the importance of symmetry and keeping your joints and muscles in check. Your body is a complex system, responsible for making you move. I've enjoyed assessing, diagnosing and treating people who have come in with all sorts of injuries, a lot related to biomechanical asymmetry, weakness and lack of flexibility.

The feet form the foundation for the body. They contain 52 bones (not including the sesamoids), 66 joints and plenty of ligaments. No wonder it is important to support this area which takes us around 10,000 steps per day before it gets an overnight rest.

The kinetic chain is an integral part of the human body and shows that fixing one source of problems can effect another part of the body. This is exactly what Formthotics are about, supporting your foundation to lessen the impact of forces through the kinetic chain.

Helping patients (and myself) reach goals

Another part of my profession is to set goals with clients. I can't stress the importance of this. After all, ‘setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible’ – Tony Robbins. I do this on a daily basis with my patients, and also for myself.

Several years ago I set myself the goal of running my first marathon. I was given an excellent opportunity to run the London Marathon for my chosen charity, The Muscular Dystrophy Campaign.

Fortunately, I was pointed in the direction of Foot Science International and met European Sales Manager, Tim Hiscock. I was then given the golden snitch in the form of my own custom fitted Formthotics. 

Success with Formthotics

Jeremy Duggan – runner | physiotherapist | Formthotics wearer

The marathon was a success. This fuelled the fire to continue to be active, and since then I have completed 15 fair distance races, including the 'world’s longest obstacle race', a race under the midnight sun in Iceland, a half marathon dressed as a crayfish in England, and I beat a steam train in a race just a few weeks ago in Australia. I also conquered the highest mountain in each of Scotland, England and Wales over a five day period.

I am still going strong today and managing to surpass my 10,000 steps a day very easily without a problem, this gives me the confidence to continue to use Formthotics and recommend them to my patients.

Jeremy Duggan is a physiotherapist and runner currently living in Australia.