Sports Podiatrist Simon Wheeler uses Formthotics™ on his athletes

20 October 2011 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Simon Wheeler is a Sports Podiatrist, based at Active Health in Christchurch (formally at QEII). Simon is a preferred provider to High Performance Sport NZ, working with many elite NZ sportspeople from a  wide range of professional and amateur sports including rugby, football, triathlon, cycling, cricket and softball over the last 15 years.

“Prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics I became involved with a  large number of the BikeNZ track team, which continues in their lead up to London 2012,” Simon says.

“I use a wide range of the Formthotics models, including original blue, red and dual red, low profile dual red for the athletes I work with."

“The type of sport, footwear and foot type plays the main role in which Formthotics model I choose for an athlete/patient. For cycling I use a lot of the original red, being the firmest density it provides a nice strength/weight option.”

“There were Formthotics in some of our medal winning athletes cycling shoes at both the Beijing Olympics and Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. Each sport is has different requirements from the foot.

In cycling I use orthotics to minimise frontal plane motion in an attempt to deliver power to the foot-pedal interface. I find the customising of these orthotics to the cyclist’s individual requirements  helps greatly to improve knee tracking issues with cyclists at all levels.”

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