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13 February 2018 - posted by Formthotics HQ

KNSB Baanselectie Twente

Formthotics is honoured to be the main sponsor and technical partner of the KNSB Baanselectie Twente - one of the top Dutch speed skating teams in The Netherlands (and the world - as the Dutch do love their skating!) for the next 4 years. Formthotics insoles plans to contribute to helping these skaters perform better during training and games. The unique cooperation was confirmed September 2017. 

KNSB Baanselectie Twente is a team of talented male and female speed skaters in Eastern Netherlands. The selection for season 2017-2018 consists of 19 youth aged between 14 and 21. In a professional and stimulating environment, these ambitious young skaters will be escorted to the top of the Baanschaatsen. 

These skaters will race distances of 500, 1000, and 3000 metres. Formthotics insoles ensures that a skater's feet are properly aligned with good support and equalization. This also reduces the risk of injuries.

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"We are delighted to welcome Formthotics for 4 years as main sponsor. This gives us a solid foundation to set up a professional organisation within which Schaatstalenten can continue to develop this strong team of athletes. An important added value of the partnership is the knowledge that we are convinced that the Formthotics insoles will contribute to injury free sports and ensure better performance." - Eelko Blankenstein, team manager of KNSB Baanselectie Twente.


Ewout Van Doorn and Bart-Jan Keizer, from BE Sports on behalf of Formthotics in the Netherlands, "Formthotics is still relatively small in the Netherlands. With this strong sponsorship, we plan to actively launch our product successfully in The Netherlands. It is essential that the support of these skaters goes beyond a financial cost. We want to actively contribute to the sporting development of the skaters. The cooperation between Formthotics and KNSB Baanselectie Twente is a great relationship to show what Formthotics insoles can mean for people doing sports, and also during normal work and leisure activities."


"It is essential that the support of these skaters goes beyond a financial cost.  We want to actively contribute to the sporting development of the skaters."- Ewout van Doom, BE Sports, Formthotics 

 Nienke Kleinsman did great during the KPN NK Allround & Sprint with four tight races on the 500 & 1000 meters! She is practicing in this photo to prepare for this race as she was added last minute to the startlist for this sprint.


Watch a great video of the sponsorship of Formthotics and KNSB Baanselectie Twente here! 

Look forward to more exciting news of the success of these skaters and how they are helped with Formthotics in their skates. 

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