Ultra-cyclist overcame his pain

8 December 2014 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Insoles in his cycling shoes make Peter Sandholt from Søvind feel optimistic before a huge challenge in the U.S.

For a whole year, he was suffering from pain in the front part of his feet, each time he operated the pedals.

Now Peter Sandholt – thanks to the custom made insoles Formthotics – has covered as much as 2200 kilometers and operated the pedals half a million times in the Race Around Ireland without having the feeling of burning foot soles.

"Really, the insoles were the solution of a very big problem to me", the 37-years old ultra-cyclist says.

"Actually, previously I did complete the long races, even if I were in pain. Now and then, I had to rest and relieve the burden on one foot pedaling cautiously or completely loosen the pedal. Now I am able to perform at maximum capacity – and please note with an insole weighing only 25 grams", he adds.

The Vejle Company Sports Pharma is distributing Formthotics in Scandinavia. The foot-shaped insoles invented in New Zealand can treat and prevent sports injuries and various pain as well.

"For about 10 years, we have been helping runners and football players among others. Now we have also good feedback from cyclists, who were helped by Formthotics", Kristian Seest, physiotherapist at Sports Pharma tells.

"The insoles are molded completely to the individual’s foot and they look nothing like a mass-produced product– and in this case, the result is that the pressure is better distributed on Peter Sandholt’s entire foot", he explains.

Now the ultra-cyclist is looking forward to his next big challenge: The Race Across America – which is offering 4800 kilometers on the iron horse bike next year from the Western U.S. to the Eastern U.S.

"Foreseeing that I will have to ride nine to ten consecutive nights and days, it is good to know that my feet are supported the right way", Peter Sandholt says.

Sports Pharma develops total solutions within medical care for prevention, rehabilitation, support and treatment of sports injuries and has a complete range of ice, tape, braces and splints among other things. One of the company’s most successful products is the insole Formthotics – which is heat molded to match and support the individual user’s feet perfectly.

Article provided by Sports Pharma, based in Denmark.