Wearing Formthotics gives great relief to my feet at work

17 February 2016 - posted by Formthotics HQ


Zoo Keeper, St. Louis Zoo, Missouri

Sarah Tharp from St. Louis, Missouri, USA contacted us to let us know her success wearing Formthotics in her shoes especially in her line of work being on her feet all day. Sarah was prescribed a pair of Formthotics from a Podiatrist while traveling in Australia and absolutely loves them. 

Sarah is a zoo keeper at the St. Louis Zoo, a beautiful and massive zoo with over 90 acres of parkland. It is recognised for its animal management of over 18,000 animals from 655 different species. The zoo also has extensive research, conservation, and education programs that Sarah helps contribute to in her position.

The nature of Sarah’s work means she is exposed to varying surfaces and conditions, particularly within the animal habitats. “Formthotics are not only comfy, but durable and waterproof.” She is especially impressed how long they last. “I’m on my feet all day, hiking at least 12km and I need all the cushion and support I can get. I can’t find any other insoles that even come close to Formthotics!”

It is great to have a comfortable solution to working on hard surfaces for long hours. Formthotics helps reduce the stress on feet, ankles, knees, and also back pressures. For an individual working long hours caring for many exotic animals, Formthotics are a great help!