What Type of Formthotics Insoles are best for me?

23 January 2018 - posted by Formthotics HQ


Formthotics are custom fitted foot orthotics, designed to provide the support and comfort that you need. With a unique design and manufacturing process, Formthotics have established distinguishing features that create the ultimate foot orthotics that naturally fit your feet.

One of the questions that gets asked a lot is “What type of Formthotics insoles will work best with my type of  foot needs?" The best solution is to visit your medical professional who can determine the best options for your feet and the types of shoes you are wearing the most to get the most benefit from Formthotics. To learn how we have developed our unique product for all of the types of feet and footwear for both athletic use and medical use to get more people active and getting more comfort, balance, and performance from their shoes. 


The design of each of the Formthotics insoles has to do with “Volume” & "Profile" meaning how much shape and support is provided and the amount of space that the insole takes up your shoe or boot. There are quite a few other variables relating to how your foot performs in the shoe and the need for shock absorbency and quick movements with sport or activity that are needed as well. 


Volume has to do with the amount of space that is taken up in the shoe and has a more narrow toe area. A low volume orthotic insole is ideal for tight fitting shoes such as high heels, cleated shoes, tight fitting running shoes, and athletic or casual shoes. Medium volume shoes would be athletic, casual, dress shoes and most boots. High volume offers a great deal of comfort and support; however is best suited for looser fitting shoes and boots.

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As a general fitting were to go, the low profile is for shoes that don’t have a lot of room to add more volume, but support and shock absorbency is needed along with the option to add comfort and odor control. This could be dress shoes, tight fitting football/soccer boots, and cycling shoes. The low profile comes in black for dress shoes (both ¾ to fit heels and full to fit men’s and women’s closed dress shoes) and in green for golf shoes and cycling shoes.

A medium profile Formthotic is the most universal in being adequate for all foot arch types. The medium provides the best support while enhancing comfort too. Customers that have high arches find adequate support with the medium Dual Red/Blue.


Formthotics Dual Red/Blue

Unique Material & Manufacturing

Formthotics use a unique manufacturing process where the foam is 3D milled from a block, not compressed or injection moulded like many other foam orthotics.  Because of this process, the foam structure remains consistent and does not have heavily compressed thin areas associated with compression moulded foam, and the foam still has the ability to be custom moulded. The 3-D milling of Formthotics ensure the heel, arch and forefoot structure of our feet are supported in the correct way and the thermoforming provides a customised fit for your feet.

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To help with the selection of the foam densities and firmness/volume: 

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We care about making these work for you! Did you know...

  • Foot Science International, the company that brought Formthotics to the world worked with several types of cycling shoes to design the shape, density, and volume of the Cycling line of Formthotic that is in Cycle Single and Cycle Dual (both are blue in colour).

  • Foot Science International researched our golf line of shoe insoles to gain that additional customisation for you to gain the maximum performance value out of the shoe because foot position is truly key from the ground up with the game of golf!

  • We studied a wide variety of field sports shoes (American football, football/or soccer, rugby, lacrosse, and field hockey) to get the ideal fit and balance for feet inside of these tighter fitting performance shoes. 

  • Our company is constantly studying the needs of different types of shoes that are coming out into the market for business dress, casual wear, and sport use to provide a variety of profile shapes and volumes that will work well for people foot needs to be comfortable, high performing, and assist in injury prevention.