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Case Studies

Ankle Sprain Achilles Tendinopathy

Practitioner:  Lisa Whiteman, Podiatrist 

Practice:  Respod Podatry, New Zealand

Patient:  Jane 

Goal: Play netball pain-free, umpire pain-free and trek Abel Tasman Track pain-free

ankle instability3

Jane is a 47 year old patient who has left side generalized mid portion Achilles tendon pain that has been going on for 12 months. 

• The onset of pain triggered by return to social netball, and umpiring of netball
• She sought physiotherapy treatment initially, resulting in improvement of symptoms and less pain, however ongoing residual post-game pain, and morning pain and stiffness of the Achilles tendon

Jane's Past Medical History:

- Previous left side inversion ankle sprain 2005

- Recalls a left leg tibial fracture at age 12

  • Goals
Play netball pain-free, umpire pain-free, and trek Abel Tasman Track pain-free
  • Read more about the full Case Study of Jane and how she was able to overcome Achilles Tendinopathy.
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