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Case Studies

Bilateral Achillies Bursitis – pain free in 3 days with Formthotics™

bilateralachillies2Practitioner: Dr. Kirill Shlykov

Patient Name: Yevgeniya Zinurova, Age 28, Ethnicity Russian

Sport: Athletics – Elite sprint distance runner - 800m, 1000m

Current titles: Winner 800m European Athletics Indoor Championships 2011, 2x world record holder in 4x 800m relay (2008, 2010), Russian champion in relay 2008–2010.

Initial Problem

Yevgeniya recently begun to experience pain in the heels and achillies tendons of both feet. This made training, competing and every day activity very uncomfortable to the point she had to limp. She eventually turned to a Formthotics™ specialist, Dr. Kirill Shlykov, who diagnosed her complaint as bilateral achillies bursitis.


Dr. Kirill Shlykov fitted Yevgeniya with Original Dual Medium Formthotics™ in her training shoes and Comfort (¾) Single Hard Formthotics™ in her sprints shoes. Approximately 10 days after this a wedge was added to both to increase control. She is now also wearing Formthotics™ in her casual shoes.


On day three of simply being fitted with Formthotics Yevgeniya's left achillies pain and bilateral heel pain had totally subsided, the right achillies pain had also decreased. Yevgeniya no longer felt any pain during everyday activity and was able to return to her full training load. With the added wedge adjustments Yevgeniya claimed pain during training was again lessened, furthermore her feet now feel good during and after training and no longer swell or ache.

Days after being fitted with Formthotics Yevgeniya competed at the Moscow Junior track-and-field Championship where she gained an out-of-contest officially recorded result of 2.00.27, which was the best time of the season worldwide. This result was later beaten and she currently holds second place. Following the adjustments to her Formthotics Yevgeniya went on to gain silver in the 1000m at the Russian Winter Race. Yevgeniya continued to wear Formthotics™ throughout the 2011 winter season.