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Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

Practitioner: Rebecca Moriarty, Podiatrist 

Practice: Olympic Park Podiatry, Melbourne, Australia

Patient: 24 year old Australian Rules Footballer 

Goal: Play state-level Australian Rules Football pain-free.

Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS), often referred to as "shin splints" is a frequent overuse lower extremity injury, characterised usually by exercise induced pain along the posteromedial aspect of the distal two thirds of the tibia. "Shin splints" is a general term to describe a number of different potential pathologies. There are several predisposing factors for MTSS; having a poor technique, improper warmup routine, increasing training schedules before being ready to do, or high impact sports contribute as does training on hard surfaces or uneven terrain. A previous leg injury may increase risk of issues. Biomechanical factors can contribute in addition to footwear suitability and design for the activity being undertaken.

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