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Benefits of Formthotics™

Formthotics™ are a unique orthotic, made from Formax™, a high grade proprietary thermoformable foam which is thermoformable in clinic to deliver a customised fitting orthotic for your patient within minutes. As a total contact foot orthotic, Formthotics™ provide the best possible neuromotor facilitation and biomechanical control.


Formthotics™ can be fitted in less than 5 minutes

Fitting in the clinic is a straight forward process. Following the patient assessment, it takes only a few minutes to fit and customise Formthotics for your patient.

Patient assessment

Once a consultation has been completed with your patient and their unique requirements assessed (see the Formthotics Medical System's 6 Tests 6 Steps) the patient can be fitted with Formthotics (see video on 6 Tests).

Formthotics selection

Formthotics come in a range of shapes and densities, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. The below video explains the Formthotics top models. For further advice on selecting the right Formthotics model and size for your patient, see the video by Dr Bob Donatelli on selecting Formthotics.


In shoe fitting and customising

The fitting of Formthotics can be done in clinic quickly and easily. Fitting takes only a few minutes, allowing you to fit your patient, in clinic, on their first visit. 

Formthotics can be heat molded to the patient's foot and shoe to improve fit to these unique contours. Heating takes exactly 3 minutes using the Formthotics™ Heating Machine. Once heated, the patient then positions themselves in the shoes while the foam is warm, using the patients own body weight to customise the Orthotics to the precise shape of their foot. Fitting completed all in less than 5 minutes!

For further information on fitting Formthotics,see Dr Bob Donatelli's fitting and thermoforming videos.


Further adjustments

Adjustment to Formthotics is detailed by the Formthotics Medical System's 6 Steps. Dr Bob Donatelli introduces Formthotics additions and the all new Formthotics 3D Additions. 

Formthotics are effective as a treatment option for many medical conditions.


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