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Selecting the appropriate Formthotic

Formthotics come in a range of shapes and densities, to ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients. The below videos explore the Formthotics product range and provide key advice and information on selecting the right Formthotics.

Top Models

A video overview of our top models, suitable for the majority of general sports shoes and sneakers. Explore the differences between our dual, single and shockstop models. 


Bob Donatelli on selecting the right Formthotic™?

Internationally recognised physiotherapist Dr Bob Donatelli, explains how to select the appropriate Formthotic to deliver the best outcomes for your patients. 

Find out more:

Watch the complete series on selecting, fitting and adjusting Formthotics


Who is Dr Bob Donatelli?

Dr Bob Donatelli

Highly acclaimed and respected physical therapist, and a specialist in sports performance and rehabilitation, Dr Donatelli is the founder of, and is with Physiotherapy Associates based in Las Vegas, USA. He is also a researcher, consultant, author, and speaker who lectures worldwide.

Dr Robert Donatelli, PhD, PT, OCS, Director of Sports Specific Rehabilitation and Performance Enhancement Program, Physiotherapy Associates, Las Vegas, NV, USA.


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