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Why the knee is involved in a quarter of all cycling overuse injuries

Ruby, P., Hull, ML., et.al. (1992). The Effect of Lower Limb Knee Anatomy on Knee Loads during Seated Cycling. Journal of Biomechanics Vol 255, No 10.

Although this is an older study it is no less interesting in its attempt to explain the reasons behind the knee being involved approximately a quarter of all cycling overuse injuries. While this study hypothesised that knee joint loads are associated with variations in the anatomical structure of the foot and leg, the outcome was not entirely conclusive: “although anatomical variables account for significant variability in knee joint loads, conclusions about cause-and-effect relationships between these quantities must be approached with caution.” The Anatomical Evaluation methodology makes interesting reading for those clinicians who have studied the evolution of the podiatric biomechanical model over the past two decades.

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