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Formthotics might be as effective as prescribed customised foot orthoses

Landorf, K., Keenan, AM & Rushworth, L. (2001). Foot Orthosis Prescription Habits of Australian and New Zealand Podiatric Physicians. J AM Podiatr Med Assoc 91(4): 174-183.

This study compared the orthotic prescription habits of Australian and New Zealand Podiatrists. It was found that New Zealand Podiatrists were three times more likely to prescribe 'prefabricated foot orthoses' than their Australian colleagues who had a much greater preference for casted customised devices. There was no indication that the results Australian Podiatrists achieved were any better than those achieved by the New Zealand ones. The majority of the 'prefabricated orthotics' used in New Zealand at that time were Formthotics.   This study raise the posssibility that Formthotics might be as effective as the more expensive modified Root type custom devices and this was the subject of Dr Landorf's doctoral research that showed Formthotics and customised foot orthoses to be equally effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis.

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