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Formthotics optimise plantar pressure distribution

Chia, J., Suresh, S., Kuah, A., Ong, J., Phua, J & Seah, AL (2009). Comparative trial of the foot pressure patterns between corrective orthotics, Formthotics, bone spur pads and flat Insoles in patients with chronic Plantar Fasciitis. Ann Acad Med Singapore; 38:869-75.

Formthotics are useful in distributing pressure uniformly over the rearfoot region.

In this study, Formthotics, customised orthotics and bone spur heel pads were compared for their effects on the pressure under the foot. Both Formthotics and customised orthoses significantly decreased peak rearfoot pressure, while the heel spur pads actually increased it. The authors concluded that Formthotics are useful in "distributing pressure uniformly over the rearfoot region". The efficacy of Formthotics in optimising the distribution of plantar pressure is due to their ability to be custom thermoformed exactly to the plantar surface of the foot in a stable posture. This is made possible by the properties of the unique material, design and manufacturing technology (milling rather than compressing the material to vary its thickness) used only in Formthotics.

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