Achy feet and legs

Generalised ache and fatigue in your feet and legs after periods of walking or standing could be due to a whole range of possible problems, from muscular overuse, to blood vessel restriction, or even spinal damage.

With any pain the most important starting place is obtaining a confirmed diagnosis from an experienced health professional. Any leg pain of sudden onset must be investigated urgently by your local doctor or suitably qualified health professional.

Aching feet and legs are common for those who work on their feet all day and can be caused by an accumulation of factors including poor working surfaces, muscle fatigue, inappropriate footwear and poor foot and leg biomechanics.

Muscle overuse, fatigue and poor shock absorption can often be easily relieved with comfortable, well-fitting and activity suitable footwear, orthotic support, as well as regular breaks, stretching and office exercises. 

Formthotics™ can help relieve symptoms of aching feet and legs.

Formthotics support the structures of the foot to encourage optimal function and even pressure distribution. In doing this they reduce fatigue, increase shock absorption and reduce pain.

Formthotics dual density products add a cushioning layer on top of the supportive structure of Formthotics. This Formax™ dual density foam provides increased shock absorption and even pressure distribution while maintaining a good level of support to optimise foot function and general comfort.

If pain persists we recommend a visit to a podiatrist or medical professional.