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Formthotics Sport

Primary tagline:

  • Customised orthotics supporting your pursuit


  • Increase your pace and extend your endurance
  • Go faster, further, for longer

Football / Rugby / Hockey

  • Increase kicking accuracy and prolong staying power
  • Improve your game, boots and all
  • Get more kick out of your boots
  • Spec up your boots


  • Maintain optimal cadence longer with enhanced foot support
  • Pedal better, faster, for longer
  • Power in the pedal


  • Hit the slopes with a secret weapon in your boots
  • Put us in your boots to get more time outdoors
  • A secret weapon in your/my boots
  • Spec up your boots
  • No need to tighten boot pressure, your foot is provided with natural, individual support


  • A proven way to get more air time
  • For those who like to carve up the whole day
  • Even when you’re goofy, your feet will feel great


  • Take on the toughest terrain and go the distance
  • Roam in comfort
  • Walk the walk, supported
  • Make the hardest hike feel like a walk in the park
  • Go the distance


  • A better swing starts from the ground up
  • You’ll thank Formthotics 18 holes from now
Last updated: 28/02/2018 3:03am