Who's Wearing Formthotics?

As you cannot see Formthotics inside the shoe, it's hard to tell who is wearing them and who is not. We can tell you that Formthotics sports insoles are used by people all around the world from elite sports people to medical practitioners, at work and at play.

Our testimonials feature stories and anecdotes from people who use Formthotics such as highly experienced sportspeople, up and coming athletes and weekend warriors. Keep visiting regularly because who knows...if you use Formthotics perhaps one day you'll be featured on these pages as well!

Nick Prebble

Alpine Ski Racer

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Formthotics™ - in all my shoes!
I have Formthotics™ in all my shoes and boots, the comfort is great and they give me support strength when I’m racing. My shoes just don’t feel right without them!
2011 the year ahead
Currently I am in Tahoe, California training at Sugar Bowl and racing all around the West Coast. I’m here to train hard and lower my FIS points into the low 30’s. I’m also hoping to make the New Zealand team for the World Junior Champs in Switzerland later this year.
Career Highlights to date
  • 2006, New Zealand K Cup National’s Champion
  • 2006, Grand Prix Migros- Switzerland 3rd place GS
  • 2006, Borrufa Cup- Andorra 1st place GS
  • 2007, New Zealand K Cup National’s Champion
  • 2007, Canada, Alberta Regional K2 Series 4th place Super-G
  • 2008, Canada, Albert K2 Regional series Champion
  • 2008, Slovenia, Pokal Loka International Junior Race 6th place GS
  • 2008, NZ Open Nationals 3rd place GS and Super-G
  • 2009, NZ Open Nationals Super-G 1st Junior man, 4th Open
  • 2009, Australia New Zealand Cup Standings 4th place New Zealander
  • 2009, NZ Winter Games GS 1st New Zealander
  • 2009, world age rankings 10th GS, 5th SG, 1st SC
  • 2010, USA Junior National Championships 3 top 10 finishes including 5th place in GS
  • 2010, 5 podiums in the USA Eastern Cup series (J2 age group)
  • 2010, Member of the New Zealand ski team.
Targeting Russia
  • 2012 - FIS Points to be mid-twenties
  • 2013 - Place top 5 in World Junior Champs
  • Compete at the 2014 Winter Olympics, Sochi, Russia.
  • Win an Olympic medal
  • Win the Overall World Cup Title

Emily Wright

Alpine Ski Racer

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Formthotics have provided me with great support in my ski boot. They provided me with a solid base in my ski boot which gives me better connection with the snow so I can gain better performance out of the ski. I also wear them in all my other footwear and have noticed more support when running and cycling and have been less prone to injury. In my cycle shoes I have noticed they give me a better connection with the pedal so I am able to generate optimum power with every rotation.

I don't know where I'd be without the help and support of Formthotics. They have helped me gain performance in all areas of fitness and wellbeing.

Career highlights to date:

  • 2008 South Island K2 Combined Champion
  • 2008 National K2 Slalom Champion
  • 2008 Canterbury Sports Award: Outstanding Winter Sportsperson
  • 2009 FIS National J1 GS Champion
  • 2009 South Island J1 Combined Champion
  • 2009 South Island Open Women's GS Champion
  • I represented New Zealand at The Whistler Cup in April 2009 and achieved top 30 finishes in all disciplines.
  • 2010 FIS National J1 Slalom Champion
  • 2010 FIS National J1 GS Champion
  • 2010 South Island Secondary Schools Champion
  • 2010 Canterbury Secondary Schools Champion
  • 2011 FIS National Junior Super-G Champion


Last New Zealand season I placed 6th in the ANC slalom at Mount Hutt and was the top placed New Zealand Woman in this event. I also placed 6th in the Winter Games Super G. While in Austria I achieved my personal best of a 57.22 in Slalom.

Plans/goals for this year, 2013 and the future

Earlier this year I spent 7 weeks with the junior Australian ski team training in Leogang Austria. This year/NZ season I will be training with Team Hutt part time until I finish school.

It is my ambition to become New Zealand's top female ski racer within the next 5 years. My ambition is to gain Olympic Selection for the 2018 Winter Olympics.

My goal for my 4th Fis year is to reduce my points in all disciplines to below 50 and score below 40 in at least one event.

Over the next two years I intend to compete in the Australia New Zealand Cup and some Nor-Am Cup races in North America. It would also be important to attend the World Junior Championships in Europe in 2013 after I have completed school.

Once I have completed NCEA Level 3 I intend to train full time.

Mike Phillips

NZL Under 23 Elite Triathlete

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I have naturally very poor knee alignment and struggled for years with pain in my knee during cycling and running training. I tried rigid plastic orthotics, while these helped the knee issues they had no flexibility, they made my calves really sore and I could hardly run.

Recently I was then introduced to Formthotics, these were the perfect solution. I now train and race pain free, this allows me to put in the time required to reach success at a much higher level of competition.

Career highlights to date:
  • 2010 1st U19 National Series
  • 2010 7th U19 Oceania Championship’s Elite race
  • 2011 1st U23 National Series Wanaka Cup race
  • 2011 17th Mooloolaba Oceania Cup
  • 2012 2nd Overall National series Chch Trophy race
  • 2012 1st U23 National series Wanaka Cup race

Plans/goals for this year, 2013 and the future
2012 I will be completing my last year of a Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Canterbury, so I will base my training and racing out of Christchurch. This March I have a selection race for the NZL Elite U23 team in Tasmania which will be my key race for the summer season, hopefully this will allow me to race at the World Championships in Auckland in October 2012.

2013 my goal will still be to make the U23 Elite team as I am eligible for another few years yet. Also, I will be finished University so I plan to base myself overseas in our off-season and get some valuable experience racing in Europe.

In the long term I plan to keep progressing and be competing with the Worlds best Triathletes.


Rebecca Gifford

NZ Age Group Team Triathlete (20-24)

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In April 2010, while training for the Christchurch SBS half marathon, I sprained my calf muscle and then began to get shin pain. With the use of Formthotics the pain in my shins immediately subsided and my calf injury recovered quickly, I have not had any issues since!.

I am only a novice triathlete; competing in my first event November 2010 which was the Physiomed women’s triathlon in Christchurch. In November 2011 I qualified for the NZ Team for the ITU world age group, 20-24 .  This is in Auckland on Labour weekend 2012. It will be my first time competing internationally, and I cant wait for the challenge!

2011 Results:

  • Governors Bay to Lyttelton Road Race - 3rd open female
  • Lake Hood Triathlon, Ashburton – 2nd in age group
  •  ITU world’s trial race, Auckland - 4th in age group and qualified for the NZ world age Group team
  • Ellesmere Road Race - 1st female
  • House of Travel Triathlon - 9th in age group


2012 Results so far...

  • Contact Tri series, Whangamata – 2nd in age group 
  • Contact Tri series, Race 3, Christchurch – 4th in age group


Upcoming events

  • UCAN2 Triathlon Mt Maunganui - February 2012
  • Christchurch Airport Half Marathon - June 2012

Jamie Prebble

Alpine Ski Racer

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Good ski boot set up is vital …

A good set up really can give you the edge in racing. It’s a vital part of ski racing, it’s the connection between your body and the snow. Formthotics™ provide more control, power and speed. They also improve the comfort of my boots which helps with fatigue and recovery. I wouldn’t be without them!

2011 the year ahead

My brother Nick and I are racing in currently training and racing in North America.  Our base is in Truckee, California near Lake Tahoe where we train with the Sugar Bowl ski team, we travel around the USA racing North American Cup races to FIS races.

My plan for 2011 is to race in the USA until end of February. Then I’ll come back to New Zealand and complete a year at Canterbury University and train and race with NZ Men's Ski Team. My ultimate goal is represent New Zealand in Sochi, Russia 2014.

Career Highlights to date

  • 2005 K Cup Champion (New Zealand age group series)
  • 2006 Canterbury Champion (age group and open men)
  • 2006 South Island Champion (age group and open men)
  • 2006 National Slalom Champion (under 17 (2 age groups up)
  • 2007 Canterbury Giant Slalom Champion (open men)
  • 2007  New Zealand Super G Champion (under 17)
  • 2007 Canada FIS race 3rd place (under 17)
  • 2008 Canada FIS race 2nd place (under 17)
  • 2009 Canada FIS 2nd place (open men!)
  • 2009 Canterbury Champion (age group and open men)
  • 2009 South Island Champion (age group and open men)
  • 2009 Coronet Air New Zealand Cup FIS, NZ Slalom Champion (open men)
  • 2009 Australia New Zealand Cup finals, Mt Hutt- Super Combined, 3rd Australasian.
  • 2010 USA Eastern Finals 4th place Super G (open men)
  • 2010 Member of the New Zealand ski team
  • 2010 ranked 1st in New Zealand for under 23
  • 2010 ranked 3rd in New Zealand (open)


2010 FIS Points, Rankings;

  • Slalom; 52 points. NZ age rank, 1.
  • Giant Slalom; 44 points, NZ age rank, 1.
  • Super G; 56 points, NZ age rank 1.
  • Super Combined; 83 points, NZ age rank, 1.