Formthotics celebrates 35 years at the foot of innovation

7 November 2014 - posted by Formthotics HQ

Media release

This year, Formthotics customisable orthotics celebrates 35 years of support to help people live healthy and active lifestyles. Since 1979, New Zealand company Foot Science International (FSI), have designed and manufactured Formthotics to the highest possible quality standards.

From toddlers through to the elderly, millions around the world are wearing Formthotics. Proven over three decades in peer reviewed research, treatment of foot conditions, and enhanced athletic performance and comfort, Formthotics are trusted around the world by medical professionals and sports specialists.

Thirty five years on, Formthotics are not just a product, but a global brand that started from humble origins. Formthotics were born from an observation in the sand and a realisation that our feet were never designed to cope with the hard, flat and unforgiving surfaces of our modern day environment.

In New Zealand during the 1970s, the innovative doctor and sports medicine specialist Dr Charlie Baycroft, looked for a more effective way to treat patients with common foot problems, providing comfort and support in their day-to-day lives. Dr Baycroft knew that by creating the closest possible contact between a patient’s foot, orthotic and shoe, the foot would be given the natural support it needs, similar to the support provided by the soft sand.

Meanwhile, co-inventor of Formthotics, professional skier (at the time), boot fitter and now director of FSI, David Boyd had discovered how custom orthotics improved his skiing and even allowed his ski boots to be comfortable! He researched the use of thermoplastic foam to make custom orthotics and developed prototypes for testing.

A chance meeting with Dr Baycroft gave them the opportunity to share ideas, combine product designs and begin a 30 year partnership. This sharing of ideas rapidly resulted in the first version of Formthotics. “The desire to develop and improve products to keep people active and mobile is one of the few things that hasn’t changed over the years”, says David Boyd.

Continued innovation, top quality products and customer service continue to be essential components of the Formthotics brand. Innovative world leading CNC milling technology enables Formthotics to be produced in high volume while maintaining quality. In the 1980s, FSI pioneered the milling of their proprietary closed cell polyethylene foam to produce Formthotics.

Consistent high quality products and quality service are extremely important to the success of Formthotics. Export orders are normally manufactured within 5 days using a highly sophisticated just-in-time manufacturing process. Although created in New Zealand, a long way from many markets, Formthotics can still be manufactured and delivered quickly to all parts of the world. Staff are passionate about delighting people with superior products, exceptional customer service, and being socially and environmentally responsible in everything they do.

General manager Greg Thompson, says the key direction has always remained the same. “We’ve never once changed our desire to provide the very best product, and the very best service to our customers. It’s a key to our success and to the incredibly loyal customer base we have, and it’s the daily focus for every single member of our team.”

Formthotics are here today because of the people behind the business – a passionate global team working together every day. Customers, ambassadors, suppliers, distribution partners, their sales teams and their customers are all part of the team, individually small but together huge.

“We are talking to our distributors, clinicians and sports specialists every day. We share ideas, feedback and work on research projects, working alongside our network to ultimately help wearers of Formthotics stay active on their feet with as much joy and confidence as possible,” explains marketing and NZ sales manager Nicolette Le Cren.

“We have strong relationships between people behind the brand, which has helped create momentum. Thanks to our global community, there are many ideas and projects in the pipeline that will continue to revolutionise the way Formthotics are created, fitted and used, so that more people can pursue healthy, active lifestyles.”

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