Paul Coll

Professional Squash Player, World Number 1, Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist
It has been a privilege to team up with Formthotics, they have been great supporters of my career

Tell us about yourself. How did you get started?

I am a professional squash player from Greymouth, New Zealand. I currently base myself in Amsterdam for my season and training. I will always be a West Coaster though. I started playing at the Greymouth squash club, as my whole family played. My brother and I were on court from the age of 3, so you can definitely say we started early! When I moved to Christchurch for boarding school, my squash took off – and I haven’t looked back since.


Can you share a memorable moment from your recent competitions that have had a significant impact on your career?

Winning the 2023 US open was a big win for me, it was my first big win for 12 months and it gave me the confidence back to win major titles.


Three words that best describe Paul Coll

  • Obsessed
  • Committed
  • Disciplined

Why do you use Formthotics?

One of the biggest problems I have faced throughout my career is I would always get huge blood blisters on my feet, and I couldn’t find a solution. Until I found Formthotics, that is. I could never get on with other orthotics, but discovering Formthotics was a massive stroke of luck. Using Formthotics has been the single best thing I have done for my feet throughout my professional career – I cannot overstate how much I love this product.


How do you incorporate our products into your training routine, and what benefits have you observed?

Since I started using Formthotics, I have eliminated blisters from the bottom of my feet. I tried everything before using Formthotics, but nothing helped. I wouldn’t use anything else!!


When I think of Formthotics…

I think ‘game-changers’.


A perfect day goes like this…

I wake up to a huge stack of pancakes, crush squash, rip up the golf course, crush more squash, and then bang the gym up!


What advice would you give to aspiring athletes looking to excel in their respective sports?

As cliche as it is, it’s a must you find your own journey and process and, no matter what, stick to that. Find the enjoyment of getting better every day, and results will surely follow.


How do you balance the demands of professional sports with personal life and well-being?

I am hugely into breathing I use this practice daily to take my mind off competing and the demands of pro athlete life. I also love golf. A LOT.


What are your favourite features of our products, and how do they contribute to your performance on the court?

I love the ease of fitting them into my shoes. The process is so simple there is never any variation when I need to change them out.

Can you highlight a challenging situation you faced in your career and how you overcame it?

When I reached world number one this was a very new experience for me in my career. It was the best time of my life but also very stressful, and that started to impact my performance. This is when I discovered the power of breathing and cold therapy. I use these both on a daily basis to keep myself centred and in the moment.


How do you stay motivated and continue pushing your boundaries in a highly competitive field?

I love the process of getting better and learning. It’s a drug to me, and this is what I focus on. Improving small things is the best addiction I have.


Are there particular goals or milestones you are aiming to achieve in the upcoming year?

World champion.


Career Highlights

  • Double Commonwealth Gold Medallist
  • British Open Champion 2021 and 2022
  • First New Zealand male to reach world number 1 (March 2022)
  • World Open runner-up 2020
  • Awarded ONZM for services to Sport
Using Formthotics has been the single best thing I have done for my feet

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