Formthotics Heater
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Improved Custom Moulding

Even heat transfer for higher quality thermoforming

Optimised Design

Stronger fan and smaller footprint

Quick Cycle

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Formthotics products are made from a unique thermo-formable polyethylene foam, allowing them to be customised to the shape of an individual’s foot and shoe. Achieving an optimal result requires the material to be evenly heated with the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine, which is specifically designed and tested to provide the right result. The Formthotics V20 Heating Machine is engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and functionality. It is specifically designed to gently heat any Formthotics orthoses to the optimum temperature, for custom moulding to the foot and footwear. It has only one setting and is very easy to use.

Using the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine and genuine Formthotics, is a reliable and effective way to customise the fit and comfort of modern mass-produced footwear, to enable the wearer’s feet and legs to function in the healthy, efficient way nature intended. Modern pavements and mass- produced shoes produce harmful adaptive stresses throughout the foot, leg and rest of the body. The technology in modern shoes can be harmful, unless the fit and function of the shoes is customised to the wearer’s unique feet and patterns of movement.

How to fit Formthotics™

6 steps to custom fit your patient

Easy foot shape is entirely unique, Formthotics perform best when heat-moulded.


Remove the existing insole from the shoes, if possible. Select the correct size and model Formthotics.


Cut Formthotics to size if necessary, using the insole as a guide. Be careful not to trim them too short as the Formthotics should be a snug fit.


To insert, curve the Formthotics slightly by squeezing the sides and sliding into the shoe. Press the heel firmly into place.


Place the shoes onto the Formthotics V20 Heating Machine and press start. The LED bulb will change to blue. The heating cycle is 3 minutes long. A buzzer and flashing green LED will indicate the Formthotics are ready for fitting. The heater will continue to hold the Formthotics at the optimal temperature for up to 3 minutes.

Put Shoes On

Remove shoes from the heater and have your client put their shoes and, fasten if applicable.


As the foam cools, the Formthotics set in the optimal position. Have your patient stand comfortably with knees slightly bent, hip-width apart and toes pointing forward. Knees should be directly over the second toe and hold position for 30 seconds. Have your client take a short walk around to complete moulding and give you feedback.